Western Steam Photography



Nevada Northern Locomotive #93 steams towards a waterplug in the East Ely, NV yard.
   Nevada Northern #93 - East Ely, NV

The appeal is universal.  A Steam Locomotive, a vanishing remnant of simpler times moving across a western landscape, whistle echoing mournfully from valley wall to valley wall, has an allure from which no one is completely immune.  The sights - white steam and black smoke against the limitless expanse of a western sky; the sounds - moaning whistles and the staccato bark of "stack talk"; and the smells - hot oil and coal smoke mixed with pine and sage, all combine to create an unequalled experience.

Western Steam Photography is dedicated to recording the visual essence of that experience.  To capturing images of the last remaining steam trains in the Western US; both the operations themselves, and the terrain and environment in which they were created and continue to work.  Images of a Vanishing West.

Please take the time to visit the galleries and enjoy the photographs.  Whether you have a passion for steam railroading or simply a casual interest, I believe you'll find the photographs presented here to be of interest.  Going out and making them was, and is, a true labor of love.


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